Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Beginning

Not sure where to start but here I go. After my oldest son went off to college in 2000 and the world didn't end I decided I wanted to do something different. I retired from being a veterinarian technician of 12 years and started doing some small weekend antique and craft shows. I always loved going to my grandparent's house and how the old overstuffed couch and feather beds would just absorb you. It was so much fun to climb on the square bales in the barn and have a club house in an old concrete cistern. In the evening I would help my grandma pick the eggs and in the morning I would watch my grandpa milk the cow. After breakfast we would ride the tractor around the farm checking the fences and moving the cows to a different pasture. I love how those memories come back when I see old rusty farm equipment or chicken nesting boxes.

I've been doing the Warrenton-Round Top Antique Show since 2001. I set up at Tree Park Antique Field and have a wonderful spot by the pond. This a great show and I love meeting all the shoppers. Besides all the new people that come out every show there are the tried and true antiquers that come see me rain or shine, gusting winds or high water. The show schedule is mid March thru 1st weekend in April and mid September thru 1st weekend in October.

Between shows I'm searching for that next special piece at auctions, fleamarkets, estate and garage sales. My husband loves going junking with me and has built some beautiful harvest tables and cabinets for me from reclaimed lumber. He can't wait until I start making the big
bucks so he can retire an antique full time.

My youngest son who is my muscle man and helps load the trailer for shows can't wait til I concentrate on small non-breakable items. I really miss him when his is at college.

me and my boys

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  1. Hey! Karen,

    You are on a roll! You did better than I did on my first post.